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and delivery
of the professional
pizza packagings

The first highly specialized production in Ukraine! That’s why we guarantee high quality and safe packagings in the shortest possible time. We’ve already solved packaging problems for many restaurants.

Get an advice
on pizza boxes
High quality
packaging which
will perfectly suit
exactly for your pizza

When the manufacturer has no die
to cut pizza box with the diameter that you need,
then you will need to pay for it
a sum of 3,000 to 15,000 hryvnias
(depending on the manufacturer’s equipment).
We DO have ALL the dies,
and you do NOT need to PAY for them.

Any contrasting
and saturated
to meet your wishes

Your packaging will look expensive: we have the modern
equipment which allows to draw very thin
lines and to make complex combinations of colours
precisely superposed one on the other. As
a result of, you obtain a high quality picture
able to attract attention.
We’ll develop the design of your packaging free of charge!

execution of all,
even the most
large-scale orders

The equipment we use to
make pizza packagings, is called
‘online’ equipment. It means that at
the production line input we place a pile of the
crimped cardboard sheets, and at the output we receive
a packed pile of the pizza boxes.
Minimum influence of the human
factor is the minimum of mistakes
during production.

Why our prices are so nice?

We are the producers.
The most of pizza box offers at the market are from resellers.


The minimum of equipment.
All the production stages are united in the ‘online’ line. It reduces equipment maintenance costs.


You do not pay for 25 mm fin.
We admit +15 mm, when the most of manufacturers admit +40 mm for cutting the pizza.


Only 5 kopeks for a colour.
Innovation nozzles save paints and prevent the excessive pouring of paint onto the box.

We have the sanitary
and epidemiological station
conclusions on our ability
to produce food

The ISO 9001 quality
management certification
is passed by us annually.
We received the ISO 9001 Certificate
in 2011.


All food packaging is delivered to you only in wrap.
An additional production module
allows us to speed up the packaging process
at maximum capacity. The entire wrap is inherently environmentally friendly,
i.e. it is subject to decomposition in 3 years
after it gets into the litter.


We have the conclusion of the Health Inspection Services
that we are allowed to produce packaging for food products.
This means that our boxes do not contain
bacteria being dangerous for Your


All the paints we use to apply the image
to the box are SAFE.
We have checked each of our paint suppliers
for all the necessary certificates
required to produce the packaging.

The company was created by a military man, a captain II rank (Lieutenant Colonel) Yuriy Peftiev in 1998. In 2002, it was reorganized. In 2008, the entire equipment was completely updated. At the moment we work in 4 countries: Moldova, Turkey, Ukraine, Russia.

Winner of the nomination "The most original purpose of corrugated packaging" in 2004.

Our company adheres to a certain culture
of production and trade, which has developed over 16 years of active work. We can
be trusted.

Did you know that
the probability that you
held our box in your
hands is very high?
  • In Ukraine, we make every tenth pizza box.

  • We have been producing pizza boxes for more than 10 years.

  • During this time, we have produced more than 10 million pizza boxes.

  • Every month we produce, pack and deliver more than 250 thousand pizza boxes.

  • We have experience, we can be trusted.

I’m convinced. I’ll buy it.
So what makes

our pizza packagings professional?
Innovation equipment
enables to do flexoprintings at the photo level
and to produce, when fully charged, up to 350 boxes in a minute.
Summerized experience of our workers
in the ‘crimped cardboard packaging’ branch is of
is of more than 350 yars.
We manufacture pizza packagings
for more than 10 years
We know all about it!
We employ only eco-materials:
crimped cardboard, biodegradable film for the packagings,
safe paints for the printings.
We have produced
more than 10 millions
pizza boxes.
Do you want
to make sure
in person of the high quality

Order the samples right now
and we will deliver them in three days’ period.

or you can order the pizza delivery at any our client
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The way
we work:
You leave a
request on the website
or by phone;
a request
Our Manager contacts you
and specifies all necessary
details, offers appropriate solutions;
The delivery service
"Nova Poshta" will
provide you with the
samples of pizza boxes;
You certainly know that many clients
addressing themselves to packaging manufacture companies
meet with such difficulties:
  • Absence of clarity as
    regards production
    and delivery terms.

  • The box is poorly
    foldable, the fin
    is not removed.

  • Slipshod applying
    of paints onto the box,
    the colours do not correspond
    with declared pantones.

  • Narrow spectrum
    of pizza box
    cutting dies.

  • Other problems
    caused by the fact
    that the company
    does not specialize
    in the pizza box

We guarantee
that the cooperation with our company will never bring such difficulties to you!
Get a commercial offer
10 pluses
of our packagings

Look with your own eyes –
order the sample delivery

The Сenterpack company always ranks product first.

Our motto is: each product should have its original packaging.
Each kind of packaging has its own philosophy, its own problems and production specificity.
One manager who sales different kinds of packaging is not able to get into client’s head and understand his or her troubles. This can be possible only when concentrating entirely on one single product. That is why we have several sites and several groups of managers occupied with individual kinds of packaging each. Having studied necessities of our clients for a pizza box, we have developed a number of solutions you will surely like:

  • Digital printing

    Production of boxes with photo-prints. Pluses: the client will bear no expenses for making printing cliches; reduction of the first order production period by the period of the cliche manufacture; high printing quality; possibility of producing the sample of the printing intended to be in the batch, before the production of batch has been started; solution of the client’s marketing problems.
  • Boxes with a window pasted in

    We paste the windows in to give our guest or the client a chance to touch our product fully even before the purchase. Pluses: a window in the crimped cardboard packaging demonstrates the freshness of the product, the openness of the brand and the readiness to communicate with the customer.
  • Crimped cardboard boxes with the inner heat saving covering

    We coat our products with covering that saves heat, is waterproof and makes the box look like anything else. There are transparent, golden and silver versions of the covering. Pluses: the boxes will hold the warmth better; they will never get wet, will become firmer and take an original look.
  • Sophisticated products

    Production of boxes you dreamed of but no one of manufacturers was able to decide to. Pluses: your product will be surely noticed and promoted free of charge in Instagram at the least. Examples: boxes with an external crimped layer with printing on the crimped layer; boxes with “kinesthete’s paradise” crimped cases; two-level design; gaming interaction with client by means of the box etc.
  • Loyalty to the constant customers

    We hold on to our clients. Pluses: editions unlimited for the customer; discussion of any, even the most “crazy” – at first site – idea; storage warehouse; automatic maintenance of remainder at our warehouse; automatic reminder; delivery and distribution to the address; replacement of defective articles; individual forms of packaging.
  • Individual selection of raw materials

    We select raw material to match colour, density, consistence. Our company chooses material to match client’s goals. As you know, the crimped cardboard consists of 2 or more layers. We have abilities to assemble (group) the layers of crimped cardboard in LEGO manner according to what our client needs. Pluses: you get a unique packaging difficult to be repeated by your competitors.
  • Design of constructions according to client

    We design our constructions according to the product. We take the real product and watch how it behaves in the packaging at all stages of the technological process of our client. Pluses: we make test samples of the construction before the start of the batch; we work with the real product, not only with technical drawings; you will know precisely the behaviour of the packaging along the whole business process chain up to the ordering of the batch.
  • Interaction between construction and design

    We study our clients’ consumer psychology effects. The longer we work with our client, the more we know his or her market and needs of his or her guests and customers. We observe the trends of today. You can be sure you will get an interesting and competent ally in the process of the packaging design and construction development.
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